CCTV Video Surveillance: We offer 4K, FullHD, TurboHD and other commercial-grade products, that are reliable and provide the highest video quality.
Security & Access: We offer a wide range of Access Control Systems based on Keyfobs, NFS, BT, Proximity Cards, Fingertips and Face Recognition.
Voice & Video Entry: We offer different Integrated Touch Screen Voice Entry Panels, Integrated Telephone Entry Systems, Appartment Intercoms.
WiFi & Communications: We offer the best quality CAT6A wiring, high-performance WiFi 6 and Mesh systems with Firewall, VPN, NAS, VoIP servers setup.
Audio & Video: We offer Hi-Fi and Hi-End commercial and residential streaming equipment, projectors, amplifiers, TV and accoustic systems.
Audit & Management: We offer an independent audit of planned or existing projects and Certified Project Management for IT and Security Projects.